Driving primary industry sustainability to the next stage

Leading Transformation Through Demonstration

The Lincoln University Energy Farm seeks to create the future model of sustainable multi-crop farming for Aotearoa New Zealand.

We aim to do this by building an energy demonstration farm that will:

Showcase new energy technology that applies to the primary industry sector
Upskill New Zealand talent on the new technologies
Create a platform for (foreign) investment in sustainble energy technology in primary industry
Scale the solutions using the existing and available technology so that they are bankable for small-to-medium sized farms
Encourage communities and farms to join forces to improve environmental outcomes

Our answer to the challenge

The Lincoln University Energy Farm:

A multi-crop energy demonstration farm showcasing the diversity of sustainable energy production technology aims to develop…

  • Alternatives to fossil fuel and circular food production
  • Sustainable alternatives to land use, energy, effluent/water and multi-crop production

Key Strategic Principles:

  • Enabled by partnerships
  • Transformation through demonstration
  • Showcasing agri-food-fibre production activities

A long-term problem to be solved

Carbon neutral by 2050

New Zealand’s Zero Carbon legislation has provided a time-frame of 30 years for completion of this transition, with 100% energy renewable by 2035.

Sustainable agri-food-fibre is key in that effort

Driven by small and medium-sized enterprises, the diversity of agri-food-fibre enterprises is large and the capital required to make the energy transition is limited.

Solutions must be ‘first time right’

With limited capital to make the energy transition, primary industry needs proof of concept demonstration before defining appropriate return on investment.


  • Showcase solutions and demonstrate their feasibility for Agri-Food Aotearoa New Zealand
  • The primary industry sector has trusted Lincoln University demonstration farms for more than 140 years
  • Founding partner endorsement of demonstration, research and results
  • Have the potential to test and de-risk new innovations before demonstration
  • ‘Natural’ demand for new talent and skills will shape the future workforce

Stronger together

We aspire to work with a strong partner network to establish and grow the Lincoln University Energy Farm

  • The farm, and its food network initiative, is open and transparent to all stakeholders
  • It is founded on the principles of inclusivity and cooperation
  • We envision community involvement but clear ownership
  • It is aligned with the Primary Sector Council’s vision

Leading transformation through demonstration

to facilitate sustainable, feasible and bankable solutions

enable agri-food-fibre Aotearoa New Zealand

to be
100% powered by renewable energy by 2035

carbon neutral by 2050

To show the most sustainable multi-crop energy and food production systems currently available to enable transformation.

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