Our Story

The concept of the Lincoln University Energy Farm was hatched after the government’s announcement of the zero-carbon bill and its goal of reaching 100% renewable energy by 2035.  Dr. de Koning & Dr. Heyl noticed a gap between the government’s goal and availability of guidelines & illustrations to the farming industries as to how to achieve the goal.  With their combined expertise, they set about creating an energy farm that would demonstrate different sustainable energy sources that are available to the agribusinesses.  Through this energy farm, they are hoping to help farmers make informed decisions when they implement sustainable energy technologies in their farms.  

Dr. Wim de Koning

Co-founder of Energy Farm
Professional Teaching Fellow – Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce
Lincoln University


Dr. Jeff Heyl

Co-founder of Energy Farm
Associate Dean – Academic in Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce
Lincoln University


Energy Farm Founders

Dr. Wim de Koning is a passionate creator of sustainable added value in the Agri-Food Industry space.  Having extensive global experience in sales & marketing of fast-moving consumer goods, he understands from first-hand experience what is required to be part of a global sustainable value chain.  His appointment of Visiting Professor in Business & Enterprise Development at the prestigious Harper Adams University, United Kingdom & HAS University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands has enabled him to stimulate the added value potential of (international) entrepreneurship in the agri-food value chain and also to encourage innovation. 

In 2018, Dr. de Koning made the decision to relocate to Canterbury, New Zealand from The Netherlands. With his role at Lincoln University as a Professional Teaching Fellow and Executive Director of B.linc Innovation, he saw opportunities & was able to put his expertise into use.  Together with a colleague, Dr Jeff Heyl, they created The Lincoln Multi-Crop/Energy Demonstration Farm.  It is his vision that this project allows all-inclusive participation & will be open to all potential partners and the operations will be transparent to all stakeholders.  He envisioned that this project will push boundaries, generate innovation & create sustainable added value.

Dr. Heyl has been actively studying, teaching and researching in areas related to lean systems, quality management, process control and systems implementation for many years. 

Hailing from United States of America, he is a member of a number of institutes: Institute for Supply Management, American Society for Quality, Decision Sciences Institute, American Production and Inventory Control Society – just to name a few.  He is also a former evaluator for the New Zealand National Quality Award.

Dr. Heyl has spent nearly three decades at Lincoln University.  During this time, he has developed a keen interest in the application of modern management tools and techniques to address agribusiness problems.

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